Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Nike Sportswear first outfit for 2012!

We're already in February and this is the month we are recieving the first Spring deliveries.
Today we wanted to show an outfit from the Nike 2012 collection. An outfit that has it's sporty look but in a more stylish & fashionable way.

Staring with the top, we have the iconic atletic jacket, representing team Inter Milan. A jacket that fans and players can wear with pride. Featured with durable cotton construction.

GF Inter Anthem Jacket Price 119 € / 1199 Sek
Underneath; Nike Polo 45 €/ 449 Sek & Vintage Marl logo crew. 59 € / 599 Sek

The clean  Nike Selvedge Chino is back! A small update has been done but is very similar to the classic style. Last but not least we have combined a pair of Balck Nike Tennis Classic AC ND in leather with Blue accents & a huge duffelbag, perfect use for travelling and trainings.

Nike Selvedge Chino - 119 € / 1199 Sek
Nike NSW Eguine Duffel - 149 € / 1499 Sek (In store)

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