Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adidas Spring Sneakers this week!

Today we wanted to show you a selection of Adidas Originals latest arrivals this week. We have the Adistar Racer, Muenchen and the Gazelle 2. These are some casual and classic sneakers, that is easy to wear with anything. Perfect Spring choice if you ask me. These styles are also availible in different color combinations. Check our online store for more!

Price info below pictures..

Adidas Originals Adistar Racer, a lightweight retro runner.
Sleek design and low to the ground. Price: 79 € / 799 Sek

Adidas Originals Muenchen. The Muenchen leather, one of the lightest trainers availible in the 1970.
Released in four color pack, which represents the colors of the Olympic rings, Green, Yellow, Red & Black) The Olympics takes place in London Summer 2012.
Price: 89 € / 899 Sek

Adidas Originals Gazelle 2. An old classic from 1968. An all around sneaker that never goes wrong.
This one comes in Red Nylon with White stripes and laces. Red is hot!
Price: 79 € / 799 Sek

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