Friday, October 12, 2012

Reebok X Marvel X Caliroots Event

Last nights pictures is up! 

Special thanks to Reebok, Kingsize, New Era, Norrlands Guld, Doritos, Tekken and ofcourse to the teams that participated in Rap SM. The winners..CALIROOTS!! Thank's to Mange and Joel for not letting us down. Last but not least to all who came and made the evening to great evening!


( More pictures will be availible on our Facebook page, Caliroots!)


Kingsize vs Reebok

The game is on!

Silent moment..



Cali x Reebok x Kingsize Crew

Hashtag #reebokmarvelcaliroots

AND the winners are: CALI TEAM!! Yeahhh!!

Thank you!

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