Friday, November 14, 2014

Six Feet Down Weekend update x Adidas by Nigo

This week we had a visit from Adidas Originals Merchandisers. They gave our store a new look with their new collaboration together with streetwear designer Nigo.  Much of Nigos inspiration in his various endeavors is drawn from the areas of vintage wear, pop-art, street-culture and toys. So it's no suprise we see injections of the pieces he've chosen. Take a look at the video where he explains the number 25 in his collection.

(Scroll down for price info after the pictures)

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Nigo Bear tee 
Nigo Stripes tee
Nigo Blocked Crew
Nigo raglan Crew
Nigo Varsity jacket
Nigo Superstar Track Top
Nigo Superstar Track Pants

Shooting star Nigo
Superstar 80's Nigo
Superstar 80's Nigo - Nude
Rivarly Hi Nigo