Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Track suits most be one of the most iconic munes that have been worn by famous rappers B-boys and well regular people like you and me, that one we have now is the "shit"

the Adidas track suit "beckenbauer edt" is so clean in its black n white colourway I need at least two sets one for home and one to shine in,

Get yours at Six Feet Down

These superstar vintage editons must be the most flipped out I have ever seen, with stars hearts n clouds printed allover the shoe, to top it of adidas added some rainbow coloured laces, besides the black to add some extra flavour!

the other adidas shoe that arrived are the ZX 800+Lea that just makes u happy. The latte colored sneak is a very, very nice addition to our sneakerwall, makes me proud!

All up in the sweet news i almost missed the knitted sweater from adidas, strong summer colors but wtf, if summers not here why not bring some yourself...

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