Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You cant stop us now, we are so innit you cant imagine

the forbidden fz hoodie must be one of the freshest hoodies i have seen in a long time, i know i have said it before but that the beauty with nike stuff gets better every year.

the zipper is so clean
the zipper is sooooo clean

(road to being) 080808 as we all know the Olympic games starts 080808 and you will see this tag on lots of good Olympic inspired gear from Nike over the year.


Another color way of the best tech pack wind runner jacket here shown by my boy Cribba

the see through wind runner jackets are new for the year at six feet down, and the cali crew sure liked them allot, if you are a size medium you better hurry because mange took the first one as soon as he saw it!

one black n white and one white n purple

the storm wind runners are now avalible in four colors, the latest addition is the white one.

No shoes!

of course there are shoes!

the supreme air forces are very nice, clean and very much exclusive

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