Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SFD Top 3 favourites this week, is...

This week, we have picked out three favourite sneakers that we would
like to introduce!

Top 1. New Balance

The classic 576 runner in brown premium leather, detailed with
croc design . Besides the luxxed out look, it has a maximum
comfort, as most of their shoes are. Therefore you must ow a pair!
Price: 1199 SEK/ 99 €

Top 2. Adidas Tokio Hi
This one is from the Adidas Tokio Tech line. A winter sneaker
made of gore-tex material, that has a waterproof effect and
keeps you dry all season long!
Price: 1799 SEK/ 149 €

Top 3. Nike Air max 1

This model is so nice that it has a "must have it" effect!
It has a clean look and i really love the navy suede design
that makes it just right. Besides that, it is a comfortable
sneaker, no doubt!
Price: 1199 SEK /

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