Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Get Laced!

U-Lace is a new, revolutionary Costumizing Lacing system that is like no other
laces you have seen before. U-lace is all about giving the power
to create your own combination of colors and different styles,
to get your personal look on your sneakers.
One box consist 16
individual U-Lace modular segments and one top-lace to give a finish.

You have 24 differerent colors to choose from and the options
are limitless!

Come on, you all sneaker freaks and grab a few boxes, and start mixing up your color combos!
One box is only 9,90 E/ 99 SEK a set..
Live Now.

Check out the U-lace intro video!

We tied up two examples on our own sneakers,
and this is how it resulted!

Example 1: Dual color superstar!

Example 2 : Multicolor safari style!

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